Collections Blog

Since we moved into our new quarters in 2015, we have been busy with the ever-continuing cataloging of collections as well as conservation projects. More than that, however, we have employed student interns who assist with a variety of projects, while at the same time learning the art of museum practices–particularly the handling of collections and objects within these collections, from their documentation to their conservation and stewardship, as well as exhibit planning and mounting, and the research process involved in developing object context.

Our students have been working under the direct supervision and tutelage of the Curator. She has been guiding and mentoring them in key activities of museum practices that are intended to:

* Encourage and inculcate an appreciation for the work of Museums

* Demonstrate that these objects of cultural and natural history are not static representations of the past, but avenues of discovery through which to understand our world and our collective history

And, they have been mastering their tasks! Though they are a bit shy, we have been encouraging our students to begin writing about their experiences in the care, documentation, and stewardship responsibilities with which they have been engaged.

Watch this space for soon-to-be commentaries by our students!

–16 December 2018, the Director